Justin Owens, MCITP
"We don't support machines, but rather, the people who rely upon them..."

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OK, you are certified and you have a nice resume, but what do others think about you?

I am glad you asked!  Below are some recommendations that have been made on my behalf (words in bold are my own emphasis).


"Justin is a highly accomplished engineer with a vast depth of experience and knowledge in the Microsoft technologies. He exhibits great attention to detail, is a champion for policy and best practice standards, and is accomplished in operational troubleshooting." March 23, 2016

Christopher Kuebler, Manager of Systems Operations, Fiserv

"Justin is a very dedicated IT professional and very detailed is his work. On a day to day basis, he demonstrated great abilities in complex problem solving with his technical skills. He was very focused on the projects of the department which allowed him to complete them in a timely matter." January 31, 2012

Eric R Chatham, Systems Engineer L2, VelocityEHS

"Justin is a diligent employee who worked extra hard to meet the business goals. He is a solid technical resource and leads by example. It was a pleasure working with and I strongly recommend him." January 2, 2012

Narasimha (KN) Kasibhatla, Vice President of IS/IT, Cypress Communications

"Justin is a 'technical Swiss Army knife'. He is the person you want on your team when faced with a huge task and a short deadline. He is committed, creative and well ahead of the technical curve. I consider him to be a valuable colleague and a friend." January 15, 2012

Lee Apte, Systems Administrator, Cypress Communications

"Justin is competent, motivated and a valuable addition to any IT team. I wouldn't pass him up if I were hiring." December 16, 2011
Chad Singer, VOIP Architect, Cypress Communications

"Justin has proven himself invaluable by using his talents to further advance several project plans I manage on a contract we currently work on together for the United States Army Reserve Command. Not only is Justin very knowledgeable in all aspects of problem management (his day-to-day operations), but he has demonstrated the desire and ability time and time again to step up to the plate and learn about new hardware components, project methodologies and process framework models. Justin handles himself very professionally at all times and will always provide meaningful, realistic guidance for tackling issues or mitigating risks.

"I would be proud and excited to work on projects with Justin in the future." February 28, 2011

Will Fowlkes, Deputy PMO, Sr. Project Manager, United States Army Reserve 

"Justin is one of the most technically proficient people I've ever worked with. He has a keen intellect and a remarkable ability to diagnose and repair a wide variety of IT problems. He would be a valuable asset to any IT shop." February 23, 2011

Jimmy Janow, Sysadmin / Developer, TEKsystems


"I've worked with Justin for the past couple of years at GD. He's been a valuable member of our Problem Management team, working to define root causes for problems and challenges we've faced. I've found Justin to be a very bright, energetic person who is always willing to help, and is VERY knowledgable about a lot of topics in the IT field. I believe Justin would be a great asset to any organization." February 19, 2011

Mike Edwards, Sr. Systems Engineer, General Dynamics Information Technology


"I've often considered breadth in knowledge, with the ability to quickly learn, much more valuable to any organization than up-front depth found in many specialists. Every now and then, though, you meet someone that can answer a breadth of questions, or solve a wide range of problems, with the depth of a specialist. This is Justin Owens." August 24, 2010

Corey Smith, Network Systems Administrator, General Dynamics Information Technology


"Justin is a joy to work with and conducts his affairs with integrity, cheerfulness, and enthusiasm. He has a great depth of knowledge about Microsoft Server and Desktop Systems. He understands them so well, in fact, that they appear to come as second nature to him." April 10, 2009
Josh Metzger, System Administrator II, Renal Advantage Inc.

"I worked with Justin for several months during the merger of RAI and NRA. During this time Justin provided exceptional results and was instrumental in meeting aggressive departmental goals for this project. I'm glad he was on the team." March 21, 2009

Lester Skinner, IS Operations Project Manager, Renal Advantage Inc.

"Justin worked for me at NRA when we were pretty small and grew in his role as the company built and acquired new clinics. We grew at a fast pace and Justin evolved with the changes. He is a dependable, hard working IT professional who has a knack for resolving server issues by digging until he finds the answers. He would be an asset to help maintain servers in any company." March 26, 2009

Robb Doom, CIO, National Renal Alliance, LLC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Justin for the last two years. I know him to be extremely competent, professional and consistently pleasant to work with. Justin is a problem solver and eagerly approaches any challenge with a positive attitude. He is highly respected by his peers who often turn to him for guidance. Justin possesses all the qualities any employer seeks to have in its team members. He has a high degree of skill, integrity, experience, and professionalism. His work ethic, diligence, energy, and sense of humor made working with him a joy. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Justin Owens to your organization." January 12, 2009

Ruth Logan, Real Estate Manager, National Renal Alliance

"Justin is a skilled technician. I can highly recommend him for his skills and technical abilities. He was always there whenever we had systems issues and explained problems in simple terms (take it form someone who grew up with keypunch cards and Basic). He will be a valuable asset to any organization." January 12, 2009

Ed Curran, Director, Quality & Internal Audit, National Renal Alliance

"While there are many reasons why I would recommend Justin, the two at the top of my list are loyalty and hard work. Loyalty in terms of commitment and dedication to doing the right thing for an organization. Hard work in terms of never having a hesitation to do the work required to perform his job...even when that means extremely long hours to deal with an issue. I would enjoy any opportunity to work with Justin again." December 11, 2008

Jeff Cobb, Director, Network Operations/Information Security, National Renal Alliance

"Justin is an experienced, highly skilled and knowledgeable technician. He's excellent at researching and solving difficult problems, and is quick to offer his assistance on any project." December 9, 2008

Jerry Drew, Director of IT Helpdesk, National Renal Alliance

"Justin Owens is prompt in responding to IT requests; he is technically savvy, handles himself in a professional manner, and is very thorough in problem resolution." December 8, 2008

Lynn Forte, Director of Accounting, National Renal Alliance

"Justin will be highly sought after by anyone who has the privilege of dealing with him. He is the consummate professional, extremely knowledgeable, and highly ethical." December 9, 2008

Lynn Ashley, Owner, Good Shepherd Graphics

"Justin is a highly skilled Information Technology worker. His expertise has been gained through education, self-study, and years of working in numerous Information Technology roles. Justin's technical skill is second only to his customer service skill. While working as a Help Desk Technician he gained significant understanding of how best to deliver technical services to his customers. His work philosophy can be described as customers first and consistent delivery of quality service." December 10, 2008

Mark Isaac, Consulting Technical Systems Analyst, HCA, Inc