Justin Owens, MCITP
"We don't support machines, but rather, the people who rely upon them..."

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Exceptional results. Competent.  Professional.  Consistent.  Cheerful. Loyal.  Hard worker.  Integrity.  These are phrases that others have used to describe me.  While I am glad that this is how my peers and clients perceive me, what is more important to me are the relationships behind what these compliments represent.  Each is a person who was affected by how I did my job.  This is a better score card than any amount of certifications can hope to achieve.  I would like to add the terms "husband," "father," and 'friend," because each of these also describes the person I strive to be every morning.

In the roles of Problem Management and Systems Administration, I think all too often we forget a simple truth: we don't support machines, but rather, the people who rely upon them. If a server is down, it is an issue not because of some abstract sense of personal pride that is somehow damaged, but more importantly because of the negative impact on the employees and customers that rely on the service.  My philosophy in supporting the systems is that it is equally important to develop and maintain good relationships with those whom you support as it is to maintain healthy and functioning systems for those whom you support.

Grace and Peace,

Justin Owens

Photograph taken by Kim Vetter Photography.